Friday, December 9, 2011

Losing Your Memories, Gaining Your Truth

Losing Your Memories, Gaining Your Truth

Have you noticed that you are running out of time? Do you feel like you have more to do and much less time to do it? Does it seem as though you just got out of bed and now you are climbing back into bed and yet there are still 24 hours on the clock?

Have you also noticed that you are losing your memory? You can’t find words to complete your sentences; you can’t recall the word for the spoon you have in your hand? No, it’s not Alzheimer's and you are not the only one having these experiences. Age, gender and culture also have nothing to do with it.

Those of us who are now awakening are experiencing a Shift, an Awakening. There is a transformation occurring within us. It is shifting our thoughts, beliefs, and changing the ways in which we experience the world around us. Until now, most have measured themselves by the outside world. Our beliefs about how we look, what is acceptable, what we think, and how we act have all been established by the third-dimensional world outside of ourselves.

Our thoughts create our beliefs, our beliefs create our habits and our habits create our lives. Our beliefs connect the thoughts that run through our experiences forming our conclusions. However, many of our beliefs are created by thoughts of others passed down to us as truths and accepted without examination. Unfortunately, many of these thoughts, truths and beliefs do not align with our purpose for experiencing our self or our path to happiness. It has been more important to fit into this third-dimensional world, as uncomfortable as that has been for many, than to develop our own truth and follow our own path...

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