Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Weekly Dose of Music

These are my favorite artists and tracks of the week!
May the Universe Bless them in all of their careers...
some REAL talent here!

I am working on my newest track now. 
It is a cover of James Blake's "The Willhelm Scream".
When you initially hear the track, you think it is so simple...then it gets REAL!
Makes me cry every time. 
Heart is in the floor by the last minute to 30seconds...every time!

Anyway...the track isn't simple at ALL!....
Especially considering the fact that I don't read or play music, I had to learn the "seemingly" simple chords and try to recreate them with software. Why? 
Because the keyboard I had was only battery operated...and Mother Misfit was outta batteries :( ... (Mother Misfit is the AKA I will be releasing this EP with.)

I eventually figured it out on piano with a heavy distortion. It is gonna take me awhile to finish it though, as  have created 7 different drum patterns already and now must sequence it all (ughh) then record vocals and mastering...'twill grace the world soon!


The track and official video are below. Personally, my favorite videos of James' are the live performances. The way the guitarist triggers midi audio through his guitar 
and uses it as a controller is brilliant. Not to mention the drummer and the various percussion or marching band instruments he rotates with are so clever. 
The pauses, breaks and harmonies matched with his emotional vocals is a heart-
beat skippin' recipe fo sho! 
I also am stringing a few of my other fave new artists. 
I would love to see my sister play in a band like "Those Dancin' Days"!
Also a few other female and male artists I have discovered.
Hope you all enjoy!


The Willhelm Scream- Official Music Video:

Willhelm Scream Live on Jools Holland Show:

Live from Abbey Road:

Those Dancin Days "Fuckarius":

Morning Benders- Promises (3 brothers):

Lykke Li- Little Bit (Live in Sweden Streets):

Lykke Li- I'm good, I'm Gone (In the Bathroom, Live!):

Kimbra- Settle Down:

Gotye- Somebody That I used to Know:

Lana Del Ray- You can be the Boss:

Lana Del Ray- Blue Jeans:

Lana Del Ray- Video Games:

Ema- Milkman:

Zola Jesus- Vessel:

Zola Jesus- Night:

Zoo Kid- Out getting Ribs:

And an Oldie...but why not?

Nincy Sinatra- These boots were made for Walkin-

Love you all!

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