Friday, January 27, 2012

Daily Inspiration - 27 January 2012

Don't stall your life by waiting for the perfect, never-changing answer to things.  Life changes.  You are life.  Trust what feels right now is right now.  Realize it may change.  The great challenge of human embodiment emotionally is to let life change and to let life be, and to still enjoy it all. To love all of your life with an open heart, knowing it's here and perfect now, knowing it will at some point change...and not holding back your openness or your love because experiences are temporary.  This is the depth of confidence and love you are seeking to unfold.  You are infinite and eternal and you want things to flow--that's what's natural--you don't want to try to stop the current of life, or argue with, walking upstream.  Life flows and changes, so you can expand and experience more and more and more and more and more variations of aliveness.

Life at the Ideafrontier
Expect Wonderful by Meredith Murphy   

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