Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Einsten said...

Einstein said that human beings perceiving themselves as separate is entirely a creation of the human mind and that in reality there exists only one unified field of energy. or words to that effect.

In this model your higher self, God or some type of higher intelligence beyond time and space is working with you, to get you what you desire and also working with other peoples desires/needs to work out circumstance so that every one can receive exactly what their hearts desire without any detriment to anyone else. When you start seeing/perceiving this reality, Life becomes a beautiful communication with God, An interplay in a sense, you don’t just believe in a higher intelligence, instead you know it and work with it every day so that a blending occurs, At which point you start to feel like a human that is being controlled, but when you see the FRUIT you are shocked and amazed that what manifested was exactly what you wanted all along, but you have to reduce your ego a bit and let the higher self do the driving, as it were, and if you trust in it and forgo your ego you’ll have the most amazing experiences you ever thought possible.

This is what I offer, the Blending. Remember your God self or your higher God mind can see the whole time/space matrix and can get you what you desire, want and seek a whole lot more efficiently then the 3rd Dimensional version of yourself ever could. The problem comes in when we don’t listen and think we know better than the infinite part of ourselves and that is when we suffer.

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