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HEAVEN #4077 Language Does Its Best, January 23, 2012

HEAVEN #4077 Language Does Its Best, January 23, 2012

God said:
I want to talk about you, and how much I love you. It is interesting that, in the English language, there is no differentiation between a singular you and a plural you. From one point of view, there is only one you. From a grander point of view, there is only one I.
It is interesting too that I in the English language is a capital letter, as if it were purely known by the makers of the English language that you, the seeming you, the you who is One regardless of how many there seem to be, is, in Reality, I.
When We speak of We -- when We speak of an I and a you for convenience's sake, perhaps of necessity's sake, and We speak of a We, it is I speaking and there is, in reality, nothing but I. There is no you. There is no We. There is I. There is Oneness.
How could Oneness be explained if there were not an imagined singular or plural you? Yet, of course, Oneness cannot really be explained. Nevertheless, language does its best.
Perhaps someone reading this would be interested in exploring many languages from the point of view of their expression of Oneness amidst the plurality. I think you know who I am speaking to. This is not a demand but a request if the request responds to something deep in your heart. Only then do I ask it. Where it will take you, I do not know. But, again, We do not do for thought of result or accomplishment.
It is in the doing that is the reward. Yes, in the doing, and yet also in the thought of doing, for, thoughts, as you know, are powerful charges of light. And thoughts issue everywhere. To shed light, thinking can be enough.
Now, back to the subject. What was the subject? Oh, yes, it is always the same subject, My love for you, as if there were a you. I am one great big expansion of love, and if there were a you, I would define you as one great big expansion of love too. You are I, and a rose by any other name is still as sweet. By whatever name you are called, you are still I. Who you are cannot be changed. You can act as if you were not I, and yet that is acting, not Truth. There is one Truth of the imagined you, and that is I.
You have to know that you are much greater than you think, than the world thinks, than anyone thinks, even your own mother. I know the Truth of you, the seeming you.
I draw you closer to Me. That is My job, if you can say I have a job. I have a love, and you are My love. The whole Universe that is called created Universe is great. The world which sprang from imagination can be as great and can be as full of love as am I.
Love can do anything. Love alone is. And, yet, love has to be clear about itself. You, the imagined you, are not yet quite clear about yourself.
Beloveds, what if you really are My One Self? What then? You have more potential to go. And it is simple to do. Just be more of yourself. Just grasp your Oneness, and what else can you be but Oneness? Oneness alone is. Oneness and Love are the same.
Every human being on Earth wants to be a we, in human terms, as well as in spiritual terms, everyone wants to be a We. Everyone wants to belong. Everyone wants to say "I belong," and so the word we and We were invented. No one wants to be alone, and the Truth is that no one is alone. Oneness is not loneliness. It is completeness.
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