Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Transforming Energies of Love

~ Update~ The Transforming Energies of Love~ Dragon Love~ Everything Changes~Pole~Brain Shift in Progress~

taken from astronomologer.com

Planet Earth is Transforming and So are all inhabitants, this is inevitibale. As we entered the Chinese New Year with the dragon, there is no denying that an increased amount of transforming Love Energy has indeed arrived. This is a Powerful Energy, that has truly blessed Humanity with the arrival of Several Strong Cme Impacts, that are adjusting everyone and the Planet's energetic systems. Although this is the Year of the Water Dragon, the Fire Dragon is also Prominant~

Humanity gets the Cleansing of the water, and the Fiery Transforming Energies of the Fire~Sun Dragon. Aware or unaware everyone is being affected. There is no going back from Here!

 Through this transformation a The New Earth Manifests. This Year is about all of Humanity coming together in Each of Thier Unique Grandness with Love and Compassion and building the bridges that connect and Unify. The New Earth that is Manifesting, is Humanity making the Choice, to choose Love in every moment.

 This incoming Love energy, is All Encompassing and is Touching Everything around Humanity and within Humanity. This Energy is unstoppable and as we spiral towards the Galactic Center Alignment, this energy will Continue to Grow and Expand across the Planet. Love is The Real Truth, and The Actual Reality that Exists On Planet Earth=Heart, illusion is nothing and does not exist, and has no meaning. It's only ignorance that wants to continue the game, to be right, this Planet does not belong to ignorance, this Planet belongs to Humanity. GAME OVER~ The Light of Living Truth Wins.

~Pole Reversal Shift? Yes~

You may hear some speaking of a pole reversal or such as a pole shift. This is true, but, not in the way you may think. It's not occurring on the outside, no this is an inside Job. This is actually occurring inside the brain, inside every human Being, a reversal to begin balanced harmonics. This is why we have shared we would see an increase in people going insane, as the incoming energies are shifting Humanity into Balanced Harmonics and rewiring the brains. For those unaware of what is occurring, will think they are losing their minds, and in fact they are. The God Consciousness energy~Brainwave cycles vibrate at 1~4 Cycles per second. This is the current energy arriving into everyone's systems. Humanity is used to functioning at a static 60 brainwave cycles per second. This is why everyone experienced death. They simply became stressed and burned out.

The Balancing of The Harmonics is "Balancing" out the Brain and Body to the Higher Frequencies of Light and Truth information. This is why we Have Highly recommended Letting Go, there is no where to hide for Humanity. The Frequencies are like a Gushing Water .... To Read this Entire Post you can follow this Link http://soundofheart.org/galacticfreepress/content/galactic-free-press-update-transforming-energies-lovedragon-love-everything-changesbrain-shi

Also Attention Members~ We are Over 700$ Short of Our Monthly funding goal and we only have 6 days left~ If The Galactic Free Press is Assiting You, Thank you for paying it forward. WIthout the funding right now, we would not be here to support you~

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