Thursday, February 16, 2012


     There has never been a time in Human history like this.  The veil has lifted even more profoundly than it did a year ago at this time when we were together in this room.  Awareness is starting to come from so many places.  Awakening and remembrance is the "order of the day," and there are so many Human Beings who are awakening to the core issue of their divinity.  They are beginning to look back upon their lifes and say, "Now I understand why I went through this---why I went through that."  They're rising above the victimization, above the blame, above the hate.  They are starting to have revelations, "Oh, now I understand," they are saying.  They are starting to see the purpose in their lives.
~ Kryon, Book Nine as channelled by Lee Carroll  ~

Marshmallow Masthead

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