Sunday, February 19, 2012



     Interdimensional Human Being, you're outside of any lines you ever knew before. They are gone, and so are the old ways of thinking. It's time you claimed the new energy as your own. I'll give you a visualization. I want to gather around you every single relative who has ever lived on this planet whom you can remember or sense right now. Take yourself there. Gather even the difficult ones whom you remember, dead or alive. Surround yourself with them. As you do, they're actually here waiting for you to do this at an interdimensional level.
     If you want to, create this reality. Make it very real for yourself. Feel it! Now I want you to look them in the eye and to the appropriate ones, say, "I forgive you." Surround yourself with the people where you work, and do the same. Look the family in the eye and release that edge that you carry around of things that were said, or a situation where you felt you were wronged. I want you to surround yourself with the entire family and get interdimensional!
~ Kryon, Book VIII as channelled by Lee Carroll  ~

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