Thursday, April 12, 2012

Heavenletter #4157 God Seeks You, April 12, 2012

Heavenletter #4157 God Seeks You, April 12, 2012 

God said: 

To what do I owe the pleasure of your company? You are great pleasure to Me. 
You are My pleasure. I treated Myself to you. Naturally, I see your True Identity while you don’t. You see a facsimile. You don’t know what you see. You see a fast-shifting image of yourself fluctuating in the breeze. You are on uncertain ground, in world terms. You are spectacularly solid in My terms.
I believe you want My terms. You want to see as I do see. You want to be as I AM. Perhaps you have had enough frou-frou. Perhaps you have played make-believe long enough. You have been playing a game, and you know not what you play. You take it for real life. Therefore, how serious you are about it. You play a high-stakes game. It is only a game. It is only an appearance of a game. You really are in a different league. You really are out of the game of time and space. You are an observer from on high who sees the façade as true and the Reality as a moonlit bespattered dream. What are you doing? Whom do you think you are? You have played far afield, and you hold on to the little figure that you move across the game board as though you were playing Monopoly or one of those board games.
Your surprise feels real. And yet you are surprised time and time again. You walk one road and think you walk a different one. You don’t know what you are doing, and you don’t know Who you are, or you can’t grasp Who you are. You are what you do not grasp. You hold on to a feather and expect it to lift you. You have a different kind of reality than what you hold on to. It is the non-reality of illusion. You play it to the hilt. You rely again and again onto that which is not reliable.
You want life wrapped up in a box, and you want to open it and close it at will. 
You want to pull the strings on that which has no strings. You want. You want.
I, too, want. I want you to join Me. I want you to know that We are joined at the hip. There are no two ways about it. Despite your fervor, We are one undeniable Oneness that you overlook in your meanderings through time and space. In Reality, you meander through Eternity. You are infinitely Mine. You are so Mine that you do not exist except as a passenger in My heart. You seek for yourself where you already are, and yet you have not yet been able to fathom yourself as Myself. It is a big leap for you, and you may hesitate to leap. You like what you know, and you are askance at what you don’t know. You choose the known, the perceived known, anytime over the Unknown, even though the Unknown is what truly is known. 
The Unknown holds the answers for you.
You rely on the unreliable, and you don’t rely on the Reliable. You are like a sense addict. You swim in the waters of the senses and call the senses Truth when senses are not the whole sense of your life. Not at all. You are addicted to them. You like to think that the senses are the portals to that which you seek.
Enjoy the senses at the same time as you know that they are not your masters. They are not the whole story by a long shot. The whole story is Now. You are a reporter who has covered up the real story. You like the diversion of drama in life. You seek excitement and ride the roller coaster. Ride in My arms, for I extend them to you.

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