Tuesday, April 10, 2012

In this time of great change, it is important that you are ready

In this time of great change, it is important that you are ready to move to a higher state of consciousness. You need to be in tune with who you are. In your hearts, you have all the information necessary. You carry it through from all the lives you have lived. Learn to connect with this. Use whichever method suits you.
Release all the third dimensional thinking, it is time to rise above it. Consciously forgive all those who have hurt you and all those who try to keep you in a prison state. Share it with everyone, then they will understand what to do; Accept full responsibility without apportioning blame to anyone for the actions of the person, persons or collective that is expressing negativity towards you. Ask “What is it that is within me that is causing them to behave in that way. I accept total responsibility for it now.” THIS GIVES YOU POWER OVER IT. Then, to your infinite self and the universe, say: I LOVE YOU. That is to yourself, the universe and the positive energy behind the creation of that which is negative. Once you have expressed LOVE, forgiveness is inevitable. Then you say, from the bottom of your heart, PLEASE FORGIVE ME. This sets an inevitable train of forgiveness and healing in motion. You know that you and even the perpetrator are forgiven. THIS HEALS YOU AND DIS-EMPOWERS THE ABILITY OF THE PERPETRATOR TO EXPRESS ANY FURTHER NEGATIVITY TOWARDS YOU.
So, to yourself and the universe, say “THANK YOU” and now let it go. You can repeat this until you feel the relief. It must be done with a pure non-blaming, non-judgmental state of mind. It is most powerful when done as stated. It always works. Do it.

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