Monday, April 2, 2012

What are appropriate things to ask for?

What To Ask For?
     What are appropriate things to ask for? Know this: for yourself you may ask for abundance.  In your culture you may ask for an income stream.  You may ask for peace, in instances when it would seem there could be none. You may ask for purpose. You can ask for tolerance over situations and things which have pushed your karmic "magic" buttons before, and made you angry... and you will have results.  These co-creations are all appropriate, but when you do this, here is a mechanical attribute to know: do not ask for specifics. If you need monetary results, do not tell Spirit to 'have someone pay' you who owes you. Tell Spirit what is needed for abundance in your culture for you to exist... then let the Universe find the ways. Make no assumptions about the "hows" involved in bringing the results you desire... for to do so is to limit Spirit... Remember that we (Spirit) are literal, and we try to fulfill actuality of represented requests. So you now clearly have four mechanics of co-creation.  You may ask for your goals... but do not tell Spirit how they are to be accomplished. 
~ Kryon, Book II as channelled by Lee Carroll ~
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