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Heavenletter #4165 God's Chosen One , April 20, 2012

Heavenletter #4165 God's Chosen One , April 20, 2012

God said: 
Listen to your heart, for it is beating within Mine, and My heart beats within yours, so intimate are We. You may feel that you are outside My heart, that you sit outside My heart, that you sit outside My heart as a penitent denied admittance.
Yet you are already immersed in My heart. This is how you play such a trick on yourself. You kid yourself, right and left.
This morning, know in Whose heart you are. Sit within My heart and know Our Oneness. Know the beat of My heart, the beat of yours. Know My breath, your breath. My very heart pumps within yours. My heart sings within yours. My heart stands up and says:
"Here I am. Here I am. I am here. I, Almighty God's heart, am here right where I want to be, where I first emerged from Silence and held court in the world.
"I am God Almighty's heart sitting in your heart of gold. What other throne could God's heart be sitting in? No less than in the golden heart of man where I am held in secret, held in secret from himself.
"I am God's heart sitting in the hearts of all living creatures, yet, I am enthroned in the heart of man, yet, would you believe it, often set aside, as if I were a tourist or a God on parade. Can you believe this?"
If you, man, must bow down, bow down to your heart in which I, God, beat. If you must bow down, bow down to Almighty Life, a fountain which pours ebulliently from My heart of love and picks you up as if under My arm.
Ah, there is no other, beloved. In fact, We say Heart of Love rather than hearts of love because it is One Heart, One Love We speak of, One Love so scrumptious that it is above everything, although there is nothing to be above. There is nothing to compare this One Heart of Ours to, nothing to hold above anything else for I am God Above, and you are God Above. All I am, you are. And what I am not, you are not, and, so, you are sufficient unto yourself.
You may well believe in God. It may be easier for you to believe in Me than it is for you to believe Me when I say, I am One. I say, We are not two but One. I say, We are Oneness Itself in shining brilliance, and you say, "Sure, sure, yeah, yeah, I am brilliance myself." All the while, you feel like an old dulled copper penny, thumb-printed by many thumbs, perhaps picked up off the sidewalk.
Anywhere you are supposedly walking without Me is a diversion, beloveds. It is off-track. It is illusion. It is the illusion of the world, a fallacy carried down by one generation after another, when you are My generation, you, only you, you only the One of Me, God's Chosen One, God's Self combined in an illusion of duplication and multiplication, you the supposed replica of Me, while I am God and God Alone. An image can only reflect in the mirror. Call yourself the image of Me. You are the spitting image of Me, only, I am not physical, and nor are you.
But never mind, We can love as We, even though We are One.
We is One. We is I, God alone with no one to stand above, and no one to stand below, and no one to stand apart. We are One. Feel this Oneness with Me. Feel My happiness, for it is yours, the supposed yours.
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